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Got a song in my head and my heart on my sleeve.
"I've always been inspired by the human's will to live. They can be… 
5th-Oct-2008 09:00 pm
"I've always been inspired by the human's will to live. They can be beaten and broken and tossed on the rocks over and over, but still you will hear them say 'No. I refuse to take this.'"


I want to walk through the ruins of ancient buildings. The remains of Kroger and Walgreens and Old Navy, dirt covering their displays and their adverts making circle shapes in the wind. Swing from rope vines from the tops of the tallest skyscrapers. I want to wear clothes made of animal skins. I want to live to live, not to keep afloat. I want things to be simplified. I want to look down from my perch to see the cracked pavement crumbling under the pressure of thousands of plants with the will to live, to overcome this literal block ahead of them, to climb higher, higher, towards the sun. I want to have an unobscured view of the sun. I want to walk without shoes, run without pants, live without words. I want everyone to be equal. I want to run with the dogs and wolves and horses and the wind. I want to be free.

I don't know. I feel inspired all of a sudden.
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